Wired Verus Wireless Networks

Topics: Computer network, Wireless access point, Wi-Fi Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: May 7, 2002
Wired VS Wireless Networks

In today's world networking is becoming a very common thing with business's and homes. Some of the main reasons are because you can share files, printers, and other resources. The big networking way style is to use cables connecting all the equipment on a network. Today however, what has a market of its own and is competing with the wired networks is now the wireless network. Many companies have jumped into home networking now, and there is now a big selection of products on the market being wired or wireless. The wired system will provide the highest performance and would make a good choice for home offices, where its speed and low cost would outweigh any cable clutter and a more difficult installation. Wired Home Networks is the least expensive and the fastest by a long shot. It's speed is 10 megabits per second/100 megabits per second Ethernet network. All you need is a couple of plug N' Play NIC cards, a hub, some cables, some minimal software Traditional wired networks may be the fastest way of moving data between computers, but this product's dependence on a cable (which is a bit thicker than a standard telephone wire) that can clutter and be a problem. You have to be able to string it where people won't trip over it and unless you can hide it, it will add little to your decor. Also, you need to find a location for the hub that's central to the networked PCs and has available AC power. Depending on the distance between your networked PCs, you might also need longer cables. Fortunately, Ethernet cabling is widely available. Now if you want a simple and easy to install home network, wireless is for you. With wireless there's no need to open your PC. The antenna's can plug into a phone jack, modem, or parallel ports on your pc's. With most wireless kits they make sure the network setup process is easy, no matter what your level of experience. The installation software automatically sets up everything without making...
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