Wired and Wireless Networks

Topics: Wireless network, Wi-Fi, Wireless access point Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Wired and Wireless, What’s the Difference? The main difference between a wired and wireless data communication infrastructure is the existence of physical cabling. The same or similar techniques are employed for both types of data communication infrastructure in terms of the core elements of essential network services. The basic difference between a wired and a wireless network is self-explanatory. A wired network uses wires to communicate whereas a wireless network uses radio waves. Another difference and how one technology gets an edge over the other. Wired networks are easy to set up and troubleshoot where wireless networks are comparatively difficult to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot. Wired networks make you immobile while wireless ones provide you with convenience of movement. A third difference, wired networks prove expensive when covering a large area because of the wiring and cabling while wireless networks do not involve this cost. Wired networks have better transmission speeds than wireless ones. In a wired network, user does not have to share space with other users and thus gets dedicated speeds while in wireless networks, the same connection may be shared by multiple users. One of the most common questions we have to answer on a daily basis is the difference between wired and wireless networks. Wired is the communication between two devices via cables. Wireless is the communication between two devices without cables. Now, is it that simple? Each method of networking has its own pros and cons. Wireless networks do not use any form of cable. The transmission of data occurs over radio waves just like cordless phones or the Bluetooth headset that came with that phone you purchased .There are many advantages, but the major advantage of having a wireless device is the mobility and freedom that comes with it. There is less clutter and fewer wires to worry about. But, you sacrifice in most cases on speed and security. Wired networks on the other hand...

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