Wire and Distribution Box

Topics: Wire, United States Marine Corps, Main distribution frame Pages: 6 (1260 words) Published: December 18, 2005
Marine Corps University
Sergeants Course
2nd Platoon 14 September 2004




1. Gain Attention: My first field operation here was an experience that I will never forget. We deployed to Thailand for Cobra Gold '03, I had been with artillery for four years, and I did not know what to expect. Hearing the stories about Thailand, getting a lot of liberty, and doing some shopping. Until an Army unit was attached with us, never working with a combined task force I did not know what to expect out of them. In the first week of installation we found out that these wire dogs were lazy and their tagging system was not user friendly. Working around the clock was not a fun part of the experience, trying to fix what these soldiers had easily messed up. Taking the time to do the job right the first time with tagging and inserting the correct lines in the J-boxes would had made the time in Thailand an enjoyable one.

2. Overview: The purpose of this period of instruction is to provide you information on the lengths of cables, how to clean cable, and how to identify and properly tag a distribution box.

3. Introduce Learning Objectives:

a. Terminal Learning Objective. Provided field wire cable, reeling machine, RL-31/RL-27, tags, tape, tools, unit SOP, and a Comm Plan, perform surface installation of field cable/wire without the aid of and in accordance with the references. (2512.2.18)

b. Enabling Learning Objective.

(1) Without the aid of and in accordance with the references, select from a list,
the lengths of field cable. (2512.2.21a)

(2) Without the aid of and in accordance with the references, select from a list,
the types of distribution boxes. (2512.2.18a)

(3) Without the aid of and in accordance with the references, select from a list,
used to clean field cable. (2512.4.6d)

4. Method/Media: This period of instruction will be taught using the lecture. I will be be aided with the help of transparencies on the overhead projector.

5. Evaluation: You will not be tested at the end of this period of instruction.

Transition. Are there any questions on any of the learning objectives, how I will present this period of instruction, or on how you will be evaluated?

BODY:(6 min)


a. The twenty six pair cable, CX-4566, has 52 coated copper wires which are color coded into 26 pairs and has a circuit capacity of 26. Because it is used in a more permanent basis then WD-1/TT it has to be able to withstand all weather conditions. The cable has a thick plastic outer layer to resist cuts and dents. Under this plastic is a wrap of aluminum, this is used to give the cable extra strength. The wire is wrapped with a sheet of thin plastic to keep the wire uniform.

b. The twenty six pair cable comes in four different lengths, 25 ft, 100 ft, 250 ft, and 500 ft. At the end of each cable is a Universal connector commonly called a HOCK. The connector has brass pins which are used to terminate the cable constructed so that pairs remain the same through the total length of the cable. The CX-4566 can be terminated into such equipment as the J-2317, J-1077, SB-4097, SB-3659 and the cable stud CX-4790/U.

c. The cable stud (CX-4790/U) comes in approximately five foot sections. With a universal connector at one end and one foot of insulation stripped off to expose the color code pairs at the...

References: ARMY TM 11-3895-202-13
TC 24-20
TM 11-5805-650-12
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