Winter vs. Summer

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Summer vs. winter
Each season has its own characteristics: heat of summer, falling leaves of fall, blooming flowers of spring, and the snow of winter. In the United States summer and winter are the two seasons that are distinguished from each other. Weather, food, clothing, activities change from summer to winter. In addition, alternating seasons would affect people’s mood and health.
Summer and winter have completely different weather patterns. When people say summer, the first thing that comes to our mind is the sun and hot and humid weather. On the other hand, winter reminds us of cold and snow. In some states like Nevada the temperature during summer may reach 109°F, while in winter the temperature was recorded −79.8 °F in Alaska. People always worry about hurricanes and tornados at the end of summer; in contrast they are worried about snow storms and blizzard in winter. The sun in summer always shines and the day is longer than the night. However, clouds cover the sky and the night becomes longer than the day in winter.
Because of the weather, people tend to change food and clothing from summer to winter. During the summertime, people prefer wearing such outfits as T-shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals to avoid the hot weather while they dress in sweaters, jeans or long pants, coats, and boots in the winter to keep themselves warm. The hot weather in the summer makes people like to eat cold food such as ice cream and drink refreshing drinks such as lemonade. To stay warm in winter, people eat hot meals like chicken pot pie and hot chicken soup, and drink hot drinks such as hot chocolate, hot tea, and hot milk with ginger.
People’s activities change depending on the weather. In winter, they stay at home for a long time and dislike to enjoy the outdoor activities; however, they spend many hours enjoying the outdoor activities in summer. Unlike the winter, the summer outdoor activities involve the sun and an open area. For example, most people spend long

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