Winter sonnet

Topics: Snow, Winter, Christmas Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Winter sonnet

3 areas, build to TWIST, don’t make obvious what the couplet will “resolve” or conclude or point out!

I enclosed some specific negatives for reference, but frankly, I wouldn’t go there; I wouldn’t mention much in the way of negatives; I would just talk about the activities in each setting and how good they feel>>>> and then highlight how even as good as they are, that the whole of them together in the winter season is more than simply the sum of their parts; it’s the combination of sports outside in the weather; snow associated with crhistmas; lights and decorations in displays;

Sports activities
Snowboard, wrestling,
Snowmen, snowball fights
>>>broken legs from skiing/snowboarding; frostbite, pain in the neck ski lift and cold and lines; hitting head wresteling and getting a concussion; “cauliflower ears” broken extremities from wrestling; losing; ringworm; hours outside in the bitter cold; hours spent practicing, working hard, hurting from just practice as well as getting hurt; BUT :>>>> may be you win, ; Hours outside in the cold enjoying the activities and then really enjoying by contrast the hot chocolate and warmth of the lodge; the satisfaction of mastering how to do a jump or move; the thrill of skiing/boarding gliding down a hill; meeting people you would never otherwise meet;

Bright sunshine, on cold but not windy “ski lodge picture” type of day in the snow Pretty sight of snow on the landscape, of snow gently falling Cold, icy, snowy
Slushy; sleet rain freezing rain night; getting stuck in the snow, car crashes; old people breaking hips slipping on ice; cold, wet, windy ; having to shovel all of that *&^R snow off the walk and driveway BUT>>>getting to be outside shoveling snow on a nice day, meeting neighbors also doing same, maybe doing someone elses driveway because you have a snow blower, or simply because you are young and healthy enough and CAN do their driveway for them....
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