Winter Dreams

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F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Question #1
 Fitzgerald

suggests that
Dexter is destroyed by his
"Winter Dreams." Do you think winter dreams are always harmful? why or why not??

 We

Answer #1

don’t think winter dreams are always harmful because there are winter dreams that can leave you with memories that you will cherish forever even though some might leave scars, some winter dreams can be magical like Dexter's were at one time.

Question #2
 How

might the story be different if Dexter had married Judy??

 The

Answer #2

story would of been different if
Judy had married Dexter because he wouldn’t of become bitter. He says,
"Long ago there was something in me but now that thing is gone... I cannot cry. I cannot care .That thing will come back no more." he’s bitter and sad , for his love is gone, he has lost her for good.

Question # 3
 What

happens when
Dexter first meets Judy?

Answer # 3 a
 When

Dexter first meets
Judy she invites him to dinner, "Well why don’t you come to dinner to tomorrow night?" this is when Dexter begins to fall for her.

Question #3 b
 What

happens the second time they meet??

Answer #3 b
 Dexter

sees Judy at a dance then they go to her house.. she says.. "Wont you come in?"
Dexter, even knowing he is engaged, follows his heart because he know he still loves her and he goes into her house.

Question #4 a
 .Why

does Dexter become engaged to another woman?? Answer #4 a
 Dexter

becomes engaged to another woman because he finally accepts he wont ever be with Judy.
""He had to beat this into his mind , but he convinced himself at last."" This shows his internal conflict and his struggle to forget her and him accepting the fact that he lost her.

Question #4 b
 Why

does he break the engagement?? Answer # 4 b
 Dexter

breaks the engagement because he loves Judy and he didn’t think it was right of him to do that to Irene... "He subjected himself to a deeper agony in the end

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