Winter Dreaming of a Socratic Seminar

Topics: Question, Socratic method, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: January 31, 2014

Winter Dreaming of a Socratic Seminar
The Socratic Seminar was an educational and enlightening experience. Before the day of the seminar I was a bit apprehensive and was not sure whether the class, or I for that matter, would participate much or learn much. After the class I felt great about the experience and learned a lot, it was good to have a conversation with my fellow classmates about the story in a relaxed atmosphere. I was confused on several aspects of the story and wanted to discuss several topics such as Dexter’s motives during his attempted journey into Judy’s heart. Overall I felt that the Socratic Seminar was a great experience and I learned more about the story than I initially had by simply reading it. Reflection on Individual Performance

During the discussion I asked, “Why did Dexter ask Irene to marry him out of false feelings if he knew he still had feelings for Judy?” and, “Was Judy’s situation in the end a result of her behavior in her former life? Did she get what she deserved?” In addition to asking questions I made several statements such as, “The lake was a symbol of Judy and how the lake was where they first met and he was always calm and happy there” and I also talked about how the story was based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life. In addition to those previous statements I discussed the theme of the story, how dreams do not always come true. I felt as though I responded to other students’ questions well and as often as I could, as long as another student did not beat me to it. I quoted the book by saying “As so frequently would be the case in the future, Dexter was unconsciously dictated to by his winter dreams (942: 119-120).” And discussed how it foreshadowed Dexter’s future choices to have his love for Judy dictate his life. I would rate my preparation for the Socratic circle an 8 because I read and took notes over the story well and had several discussion points highlighted. I would rate my contributions to the conversation in...
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