Winter's Bone

Topics: Mother, Bail bondsman, Family Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Essay Assignment 2
October 7th, 2012
Draft 2 (Final)

Winter's Bone

I would like to start off saying I really enjoyed this book so far. I really like the text, and description it shows. There is a lot of realistic experience in the book that helps me create my visual of the book. “They didn’t do nothin’! They didn’t do a goddamned thing! What the hell’re you tryin’ to pull?” Most books are cheesy written, and worded. This book was different, and really fit into my interest. I usually find it hard to get into a book, an reading a lot of the time makes me sleepy. I was able to adapt to this book quickly to gain a lot of questions an wondering what was going to happen next. The Ozarks is a interesting place that helps shape the lives of anyone who lives there. Ree finds herself, her family, all on the bad side of the law since illegal activities are done to support themselves in such a harsh environment. These illegal activities of her father start Ree on a journey. She has to find her father with only the help of family to save her family’s house and land. Jessup, Ree’s father, is the most important cause of her journey. He comes home and leaves “promising he’d be back soon as he could with a paper sack of cash and a trunkload of delights.” Ree is left with the tasks of chopping wood and making sure there is food on the table for everyone, which is usually the man of the house’s job. He had told her to not even look for him until “you see my face.” (Chpt 1) Then, when the kids get home from school riding in Sheriff Baskins’ patrol car, the sheriff asks her if she has seen Jessup and informs her that he put the land and house up for the bail. If Jessup didn’t show up for court, they would be poor and homeless. Ree also has to be a mother to the kids, because her mom is pretty much useless. Something happened, whether it was drug or her lifestyle while Jessup had been imprisoned before, and the medicine that she is on is not helping. Ree had to get Sonny...
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