Winston Churchill

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?During the past millennium, there have been many heroes that have helped society. All heroes have amazing qualities, but the three that make a true hero are intelligence, creativity, and leadership. Intelligence means the ability to be very smart and then to help others around them. Creativity is the ability to think “outside the box” or in a different, yet superior way. Leadership is the ability to lead in such a way that they help accomplish important tasks to help a community, state, or country. The hero who has used those qualities to their best ability was Winston Churchill which is why he is indeed a true hero.

Winston Churchill was born on November 18, 1874 (Churchill 20) in Blenheim, England ( His mom, Jenny Jacobson (, died three weeks after Winston was born (Churchill 20) and his dad, Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, died at the age of 45 from syphilis ( Winston went to St. George’s, a sleep-away grade school in Blenheim, but then came home to be home schooled. But two months after he came back in 1886, he almost died from pneumonia ( In 1893, he went to the Royal Military College in Sandhurst, England as a cadet and graduated 20th in his class in 1894 ( After college, he became a writer, the Prime Minister of England, and a leader in England’s army (Churchill). In 1908, he married Clementine Ogilvy Hozier and they had one son and three daughters (Churchill 48). They mainly lived in England and Winston Churchill died on January 25, 1965 at the age of 90 ( Winston Churchill was a fascinating man, not just for changing the world, but also for being a genius. He was very intelligent and used it to help himself and others around him. First, in 1953, he won the Nobel Prize for literature with his book, Richard Carvel, which was a romantic historical novel in the American Revolution ( This made people think differently because many people had never studied the Revolution back then and it was an intelligent way of having other people learn about a historical period in time. Secondly, “He published The Celebrity in January of 1898 and was immersed into doing a historic novel at the time on the revolutionary war” (Churchill 26-27). He wrote dozens of books over his lifetime and most of them were very successful. Another reason that Winston was intelligent is the fact that he always had a great love for history and always loved to study the Civil War and the American Revolution (Churchill 32). This love helped craft some of his tactics for WWII when Hitler and the Nazi’s invaded all of Europe. Next, “He was an outstanding student who was unbelievable at English, French, and German, the sciences including technology and mathematics” (Churchill 22). He had an unbelievable brain and could speak seven languages fluently including Spanish and Russian. Lastly, he made some amazing intellectual quotes including one about courage: "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen” ( This means that sometimes, people must have the courage to sit down and listen to what a person has to say instead of going out and doing it by their own. In conclusion, Winston Churchill was very intelligent and thankfully, unlike Hitler, he used it for good, not evil or to gain power. People use creativity in many different ways: speaking, writing, acting, drawing and numerous other concepts. Winston Churchill was incredibly creative when he was alive and he did it in a few ways. First, during the Spanish-American War, in July 1898, he wrote a fictional book called By Order of the Admiral, which was a story about how the Navy initiated the war (Churchill 33). The book was a bit controversial but it was impressive book and well received. He then wrote another book titled Richard Carvel (Churchill 32). This was easily one of his greatest...

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