Winning vs. Loosing

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Alejandra Sanchez
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Winning vs. Losing
It’s been said that in a game there is always a loser. Alfie Kohn, the Author of the reading in the book the Remix, No Contest: Play, Fun, and Competition argues the commonly accepted assumption that competitions makes us better but in his view, rather than building character in game play, competitions damage self-esteem and inhibit our social relationships. According to Kohn the word play to him is intrinsically gratifying, it an end in itself. Play must be chosen voluntarily, and it is chosen because it is pleasing. He states how play represents a “process orientation,” a concern for what one is doing itself, as opposed to a “product orientation,” in which ones activity is justified by what it contributes to some other goal. I agree with Kohns point of view because a game is just a game, you can also have fun if the game is non-competitive.

We don’t always have to have an individual winner to have fun. It sometimes may seem that everything revolving us is competition; Family members, friends, and coworkers, and even classmates, someone doing something better at something. Kohn identifies each of the common defenses people use for encouraging sports; Exercise, teamwork, pushing oneself, strategy, total involvement, thrill of victory. Cooperation recreation is competitive games that create something very like an addiction so that recreation without possibility if victory becomes less exciting. By virtue of this fact, sports never really qualified as play in the first place. “First, competition is Sanchez 2

always highly rule-governed. Second, competition often is motivated by a search for approval, which is an extrinsic motivator and thus relevant to play. Third, and most important, competition is goal-orientated striving par excellence” (279). Winning isn’t everything, being a part of something you worked hard for is what I call winning. “We strive to be number one…...

Cited: Catherine G. Latterell, Remix, copyright by Bedford /St. Martin’s 2010
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