Winning Formula for Nfl Offense

Topics: American football positions, American football, National Football League Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Stefan Backi
Ms. Rebecca Morris
English 111-502
20 February 2013
A winning formula for the Cleveland Browns offense
For an organization that has struggled the past decade to score points on a consistent basis, the biggest question this off-season in Cleveland is “how to build an effective offense in the National Football League?” That has to be a question on Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslem’s mind constantly. With a new owner and coaching staff, paired with the youngest offense in the league, the time to construct a solid NFL offense is now. With that in mind, we must remember one thing: success begins with the offensive line. There are eleven players that start on the offensive side of the ball; the most important player is the quarterback. The quarterback is the leader of the offense; he is in charge of making the plays happen on the field. To have the best chance to win, you must keep your quarterback healthy. For that to happen, you must construct your team the right way, to do it the right way, you must start on the offensive line. The offensive linemen have one job, which is to keep the defender’s hands off your quarterback. The process of putting together an elite offense is an extensive, but if done well, it can lead to a successful team for years to come. The offensive line is the most valuable part of any offense. The line is made up of five players in the following positions: left tackle, left guard, center, right guard and the right tackle. To be dominant on offense, you need to break down the opponent physically and mentally, leading to the offense taking control of the game. The most important aspect to remember when creating the offensive line is to pick the biggest and strongest players. Along with size, these players must also have great footwork and agility capabilities. For the Cleveland Browns, Alex Mack plays center, Jason Pinkston and Ryan Miller play right guard, Shawn Lauvao plays left guard, and Joe Thomas, Mitchell Schwartz, and...
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