Winesburg, Ohio written by Sherwood Anderson

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People usually think a grotesque is a person who has bad background, who people hate and has

Most of stories in Winesburg, Ohio which is written by Sherwood Anderson talk about how grotesque people in the 19th century were. And most of people at that time thought that being a grotesque was horrible. However, “The Book of The Grotesque” and “Hands” are two stories which show that the grotesques are not all horrible, and each grotesque has their own truth or belief. In “The Book of The Grotesque”, the carpenter, who helps the writer to fix the bed, is a grotesque. The carpenter used to be a soldier in the Civil War, and he also used to be a prisoner in Andersonville prison with his brother. Unfortunately, his brother died because of starvation. Whenever the carpenter talks about his brother death, he always cries. The way he cries makes him more grotesque. Sherwood Anderson mentions it in the story : “….when he cried he puckered up his lips and the mustache bobbed up and down. The weeping old man with the cigar in his mouth was ludicrous.”. The carpenter acts like a grotesque, but he isn’t bad or horrible. He acts like a grotesque because he thinks his brother’s death is his bad. Every time he talks about his brother’s death, he forgets everything around him. And this time he forgets to fix the bed for the writer. In short, a carpenter, a Civil War soldier, becomes a grotesque whenever he reminds his brother’s death. But it is not make him become a horrible person. The writer, the writer of “The Book of The Grotesque” in Winesburg, Ohio, is the sixty-years-old man. He has a weak heart, but he is still a hard smoker. In his mind, there is always an idea that he will die unexpectedly whenever he lays on his bed. But that idea doesn’t make him feel more depressed, it helps him feel more alive. He feels like he becomes younger. In Winesburg, Sherwood Anderson write “He was like a pregnant woman, only that the thing inside him was not a baby but a...
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