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Topics: Wine, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Penfolds Grange is a special variety of wine made by Penfolds. This winery is located close to the sloping hills to the west of Adelaide in South Australia. The exact location of the winery is 78 Penfold Road Rosslyn Park, South Australia 5072. It can be approached by taking the A17 and exiting at Magill Road then turning right onto Penfold Road. The Magill winery where Penfolds Grange is made can be toured during the week and weekend. There is a large visitor’s center that can be accessed at the winery, and tours and tastings are given several times a day. Because Penfolds is now a larger corporation most of their wine can be purchased by the public at many establishments, restaurants, and wine stores. The Penfolds winery was started by Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold, an English physician who immigrated to the Adelaide. Penfold was a believer in the medicinal benefits of wine and before immigrating to Australia, obtained some vine cuttings from France. Arriving in Australia, he set up in practice at Magill on the eastern outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia and planted vines around his stone cottage which he called The Grange after his wife, Mary's, former home. Initially, Penfold produced fortified wines, for his patients in the style of sherry and port. As demand for the wines increased the winery was expanded. Mary Penfold assumed the running of the winery after the death of her husband in 1870. After Mary retired in 1884 her daughter Georgina and son-in-law Thomas Hyland took over the daily operations for the winery. The Penfold family continued to operate the business very successfully and although the company became public in 1962 the Penfold family remained in control until 1976. The most important wine to the Penfolds group is Penfolds Grange. It is the flagship of the Penfolds line, and Grange is very different from the normal wines that are sold by Penfolds. Penfolds Grange was actually called Penfolds Grange Hermitage before 1989 and to find a...
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