Wine Industry

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Executive Summary

Introduction Reason for going oversea and entering British Market Strategy analysis 3.1 Innovation of Banrock Station in Great Britain 3.2 Standardization of Bordeaux in Great Britain Recommendation


Table List

Graph 1: The Product Lifecycle of Banrock Station in 2007

Graph 2: The Object, Strategy and Tactic of Bordeaux wine

External environment

Increase sale cost leadership marketing mix Go to the UK (same products Increase market share & promotion)

Executive summary

The analysis provides information on the two international wine brands (Banrock Station and Bordeaux) that from different kinds of world wine producers, New World and Old World, enter into the same market of the United Kingdom. Also, this report analysis why these wine corporations go to oversea, why choose England, and how achieve success in England applying Global-Local Model to judge which strategy the companies adopt. In addition, this report focusing on marketing.

Banrock Station expands global market because of the saturate Australian wine market. The report apply the product lifecycle to explain this, and apply the object, strategy and tactic model to analysis why Bordeaux wine export internationally and why expand wine market in England in order to improve the consumption by volume and value terms and increase profits. Then, this report also explain the reasons why Banrock Station choose British market by PESTEL model, and analysis political, economic and law aspects in detail.

Banrock Station Company focuses on the innovation which involves conservation projects and Eco-mate packaging to sustain its competitive advantages. Nevertheless, Bordeaux wine choose standardize more than adapt in two specific areas: promotion and product.

1. Introduction . The worldwide wine industry is

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