Windows Firewall: Quiz

Topics: Windows Vista, Computer virus, Malware Pages: 3 (436 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Question 1
Regarding firewall configuration, __________ is the most secure position to start from. Block all traffic

Question 2
Which of the following items is not found in the Security section of the Windows 8.1 Action Center? a. Virus Protection
b. Automatic maintenance
c. Network firewall
d. Windows SmartScreen

Question 3
Which of the following is not an item that can be used when building Windows Firewall rules? a. IP addresses of computers
b. Protocol numbers
c. Packet sequence numbers
d. Port numbers

Question 4
The Windows Firewall in Windows 8.1 can have rules configured that allows traffic to flow in which direction(s)? a. Either inbound or outbound, but not both
b. Only inbound
c. Both inbound and outbound
d. Only outbound

Question 5
When do data protection technologies such as the Windows 8.1 Encrypting File System (EFS) and BitLocker protect data? a. At all times
b. Only when the data is stored on a disk
c. Only when the data is transmitted on the network
d. Only when the computer is turned off

Question 6
When using the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security console, you will see three distinct network locations that impact the behavior of the Windows Firewall. Which of the following is not one of these network locations used by the Windows Firewall? a. Default

b. Public
c. Domain
d. Private

Question 7
In most cases, how is malware introduced into a computer system? a. Through a deliberate act of a bad actor (attacker)
b. Through an accidental act of the computer’s user
c. Through a deliberate act of the computer’s user
d. Through an accidental act of a bad actor (attacker)

Question 8
The ___________ is a single user virus scanner that Microsoft supplies in each of its monthly operating system updates. Virus Protection

Question 9
IPsec protects data in transit by ___________, in which data packets are encapsulated within other packets for their protection. Tunneling

Question 10
A Windows Firewall...
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