Windows 7 Gui from a Linux Users Perspective

Topics: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Graphical user interface Pages: 4 (1002 words) Published: November 2, 2008
If you loved Vista in Aero Glass mode, then you'll love Windows 7 even more. Windows 7 addresses many of the shortcomings in Vista, including management for those annoying popup notification messages, gadgets which are no longer locked in the sidebar (they can now be moved anywhere on the desktop), several UI enhancements which are not only attractive, but also require less mouse clicks to carry out routine functions, HomeGroup networking which automatically separates out your business and home network connections (including printers and peripherials), the ability to move app buttons on the start bar, and of course direct multi-touch support for all of Microsoft's Windows 7 apps.

Note: Read about the new features of Microsoft Windows 7 and see a SLIDESHOW here.

Of all the features shown today, only multi-touch is really worthy of significant praise.

Originally introduced to most mainstream technology users by Apple's iPhone, and known for years to most restaurant waitresses, multi-touch allows a hands-on experience directly with the display itself. No longer do we move objects many inches away from where we're looking. Now we look and touch, not just point and click.

Just as single-touch screens have allowed the user to click on visible objects on the screen and interact with their application in the past, new multi-touch abilities now allow the user to direct finger movements in ways the software can to respond to which were not previously possible.

A quick example of this multi-touch feature is squeezing the fingers in and out to make the distance between them closer or further apart while in contact with the display (like trying to pick up a bug on a monitor). If the UI focus points to a Word document, for example, then this action might result in a zoom in or out. While another 3D application might present as a new way to navigate the virtual world. Many more potential uses are there for such a user input device. In fact, while on stage...
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