Window Shopping vs. Online Shopping

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Lorraine O’Donnell
November 6, 2011

Window Shopping verses Screen Shopping

Shopping online and by store are similar but can have differences including: what is easier for the consumer, the risks, special deals, and whatever you might be looking for. Shopping can be experienced in different ways. Some people enjoy the process of browsing the Internet, and some people enjoy browsing from rack to rack or shelf to shelf for bargains. There is not a right and wrong answer to which is the best way to shop. Everyone is different, and the bargains are different! Whether they are shopping for new or used, rare or common, or even items that you are not even planning on buying, because of impulse, shopping can be enjoyed by anyone!

The first thing to think about is everyone is either his or her own individual person. Most people can have different needs physically and mentally. Many situations should be taken into consideration such as physical ability, enjoyment, and your ability to surf and browse the Internet. Many people struggle with experiencing issues such as handicap, blind, or even being deaf, that is if it is an auction. Something as simple as being able to walk, can make a difference on someone’s ability to go from store to store with ease. Not all stores are one hundred percent set up for a wheelchair. Being able to surf the Internet for anything that they are looking for would be much easier if your mobility is not up to par. They can still shop most of the same stores with the technology advancements in today’s generation. The difference would be that not all stores can be found online. Stores that most likely would not be found online would be little “mom and pop” shops or antique stores, due to the fact most items are in and out and chance daily, so it would be hard to be...
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