Window of Vulnerability Calculation

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A security breach has been identified within a small Microsoft workgroup LAN. The workgroup consists of three primary workgroups which contain group membership lists of users within the Active Directory infrastructure that currently exists on the SMB Server that is located within the confines of the LAN structure. The security breach, which is defined as any event that results in a violation of any of the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) security principles, was caused by the SMB server being accessed by an unauthorized user due to a security hole that was detected by the server software manufacturer the previous day. The security patch will not be available until possible as long as three days, but hopefully within that timeframe. In addition, the LAN administrator needs at least one week (minimum) to download, test, and install the patch.

To calculate the Window of Vulnerability (WoV) for this security breach, the following timeline will be used as a guideline to determine the basis for calculation:

However, first it is important to understand the variables considered in this timeline formula. The WoV is the period within which defensive measures are reduced, compromised, or lacking. The WoV covers a timeline from the moment a vulnerability is discovered and identified by the vendor. It also includes the time taken to create, publish, and finally apply a fix to the vulnerability.

It is also important to explore the device(s) that were targeted by the attack. In this instance, being the SMB server within the LAN. The SMB server utilizes an application layer network protocol, which can run atop the session layer. It provides shared access to files, printers, serial ports, and network nodes (workstations, laptops, desktops, etc.) and provides a client/server relationship throughout the network. This means that every domain layer of the IT Infrastructure...
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