Windmills and Windturbines

Topics: Wind power, Wind turbine, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: May 5, 2012
The main topic of what I want to tell is, in fact, the renewable energy. Renewable energy is the energy which are produced from natural sources like sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat. Wind turbines are used to extract energy from the wind or windpower. We use windmills to use directly mechanic energy by machinery, besides wind turbines which are the topic of my article are used to convert mechanical energy to electric energy. Lets take a look at the history of wind power, windmill and the wind turbine. Wind power has been used since the human put their sails into the wind. Also, architects have been using natural ventilation in buildings since the old ancient times. According to the sources, the Babylonian emperor Hammurabi planned to use wind power for his irrigation project in the 17th century.  Wind-driven wheel, type of a wind powered machine was also used in ancient Tibet and China since 4th century. The first practical windmills were built in Sistan, a region between Iran and Afghanistan, since the 9th century. Windmills in a large measure have many advantages. They dont cause any pollution, noise pollution and they dont need fuel. Thats why US and Holland still use large windmills. Wind turbines were used in Persia the earlier 200 B.C. The windwheel of Heron of Alexandria marks one of the first known instances of wind powering a machine in history. However, the first practical windmills were built in Sistan, as I mentioned above.  The first known electricity producing windmill operated, was a battery charging machine installed in 1887 by James Blyth in Scotland. The first windmill for electricity production in the United States was built in Cleveland, Ohioby Charles F Brush in 1888. These are the areas in which windturbines are used. Now, I am going to tell about the advantages of wind energy and the wind turbines. Wind energy is a clean and environmental friendly energy source. There is not too much cost of...
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