Wind Energy

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The wind of change is blown and world has now emphasizing towards new technologies out of which renewable energy is important one. Keeping in view the commercial and industrial consumption of oil and gas everyone is conscious to have some alternate resource for energy production. Wind is also one of the resources for the power generation. A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind, also called wind energy, into mechanical energy; a process known as wind power. If the mechanical energy is used to produce electricity, the device may be called wind turbine or wind power plant. If the mechanical energy is used to drive machinery, such as for grinding grain or pumping water, the device is called a windmill or wind pump. Similarly, it may be called wind charger when it is used to charge batteries. The result of over a millennium of windmill development and modern engineering, today's wind turbines are manufactured in a wide range of vertical and horizontal axis types. The smallest turbines are used for applications such as battery charging or auxiliary power on boats; while large grid connected arrays of turbines are becoming an increasingly important source of wind power‐produced commercial electricity.

Pakistan is also facing electricity shortfall since last decade, to overcome this issue a step towards renewable energy is taken and government showed interest, a survey report had been issued showing that Pakistan has an ideal wind corridor in Islamabad, Thatta and Karachi region. Minimum wind speed required to run the turbine ranges from 3~4 km/s; it’s our fortune that our wind corridors receives 6~7.5 m/s which is an ideal wind for wind turbines. Survey reports have shown that Pakistan can produce 300,000 MW electricity from wind and solar energy, whereas actual requirement of Pakistan is estimated at 22,000 MW. Pakistan’s first 50 MW Wind Farm Project was started in Jhampir (Sindh) by...
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