Wind and Solar Power

Topics: Fossil fuel, Wind power, Renewable energy Pages: 4 (2570 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Aleksander Tucker
21 April 2013
ECS 310
Wind and Solar Power
Wind and solar power are the future. They are clean, renewable, and infinite sources of energy and allow for energy to be produced domestically. They are also complimentary; Wind and solar energy will also be economically beneficial. Maintenance is easy, and long-term cost is a great advantage. Wind turbines and solar panels can also be very aesthetically attractive, and people can comfortably live around them. Human health risk is also dramatically reduced when using wind and solar power as an alternative to burning fossil fuels. Wind and solar power can be the messiah of the earth. Solar power is the process for converting sunlight into heat and or electricity. In the case of solar panels, photovoltaics are used to convert light directly into electric current. Concentrated solar power can also be used, which is the indirect conversion of sunlight into power, like during the use of methods such as solar water heating. Solar power plants first came into use in the 1980s. Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert light directly into electric current. Solar cells produce direct current power which fluctuates depending on the intensity of the sunlight and needs to be converted to alternating current for practical use, allowing the voltage to be converted to the desired level. Solar cells are connected together inside of modules, which are wired together to form arrays. These arrays are connected to an electricity converter, which will produce power at a specified voltage and the desired frequency. Residential systems, typically those in developed countries with a large market for electricity, connect to the grid wherever it is available in their country. In these systems connected to a grid, energy does not need to be stored. In applications like satellites, lighthouses, or sometimes, in developing countries, batteries are often added as back-up power sources. These batteries...

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