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This bookgives you reference about overview of basic concept for working with windows 7. The contents given are

 Booting Process of Windows 7  Windows 7 Architecture  Editions of Windows 7  Installing windows 7  Automated Installation of windows 7  Managing Disk  Practical Concepts of windows 7  Shortcuts for Windows 7 and its Tools  Maintenance and Monitoring Windows 7  Backups & Recovery

Booting Process of Windows 7: Power on the machine ->POST ( checks all devices connectivity ) -> Runs BIOS from ROM >MBR ( master boot record) ->BOOTMGR (boot manager) ->BCD (boot configuration data store) ->WINLOAD.EXE ->NTOSKERNL.EXE ->SMSS.EXE ( session manager server services) ->SAM ( security account manager) ->LSASS.EXE ( local security Authentication server services ) Explanation of booting process: Once the machine is turned on POST occurs and BIOS runs from ROM and sends the instructions to from processor to primary memory and from primary memory takes it to secondary memory where it initiates to MBR simply known as master boot record. In a clean Hard Drive if u get installed Windows 7 the MBR is created in first sector of a Hard drive. Size of an MBR is 512 bytes. First 446 bytes contains Boot Strap Code, next 64 bytes reserved for Partition Table. To write an entry in partition table it consumes 16 bytes of memory, so maximum 4 entries can be written. Remaining 2 bytes consists of Boot signature or magical codes Boot manager which will contain the necessary file for booting. The partition contains bootmgr is known as ACTIVE partition. BCD is a boot configuration data store which contains the records of Operating System present in a Hard Drive and its path. A WINLOAD.exe loads the selected operating system from BCD and its control goes to NTOSKERNL.EXE is considered as neural system and heart of an OS. Abbreviated as Knowledge Extraction and Retirement by Neural Learning (KERNL). Now ntoskernl.exe loads the HAL.DLLand registry. HALLHardware Abstraction Layer is file in dynamic link library which contains some codes important to interact with hardware. After this hall.dll is done loading it control goes to registry setting. REGISTRIES setting are nothing but it loads the drivers and services for each and every component which are connected to your computer.

After all the above mentioned steps are done finally it creates a session for an user to logon this process is done by SMSS.EXE(session manager server services). Now winlogon.exe initiates the logon prompt ask for user name and password. Once the details are entered authentication is done by SAM.EXE it manages the unauthorized accesses of resources in your pc. Next LSASS.EXE will access the SAM database to cross check the authentication. Once all cleared user can logon to a computer.

WINDOWS 7 ARCHITECTURE: o Is built on the windows vista core. o It has limited the files that loads at startup and eventually helps to improve its booting time and performance o Bugs and error are fixed in windows 7 o Available in 32 and 64 bits. Technically 32 and 64 bits called as x86 & x64 architecture. o Difference between 32 & 64 bits are processing power. Which process the data as 2^32 or 2^64. o Memory supported by 32 bit is maximum 4GB, whereas 64 bit can support 16EB (Exabyte's) of memory.

EDITIONS OF WINDOWS 7: o o o o o o Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Home Basic Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Ultimate

Minimum Requirements: 1 GHzProcessor,1 GB Memory, 20 GB HDD, Hardware should be in listed in HCL for compatibility. BIOS that used for win 7 require ACPI support Advanced Configuration & Power interface. Drivers come with win 7 media with extensive list of supporting devices. Upgrade: Can be upgrade from windows vista only. Cannot from windows xp, you have to perform clean installation but still u can migrate users files and...
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