Wilma Rudolf

Topics: Expected value, Sun Is Shining, Olympic Games Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Never let hardships bring you down and never underestimate yourself. Determination and motivation is what you need.
These are just some of the encouraging words I bear in mind now after reading several writings of the biography of the well-known Wilma Rudolf from the internet. Her story is indeed an eye-opener to everyone who thinks quitting is the only left option. Also, she is one of the proofs showing that gender and color do not matter when it comes in turning your dreams into reality. Moreover, her bravery is truly an exceptional because if those things that happened to her crossed my life, probably I may not be writing this one right now. I may have raised the white flag and just live miserably.

As an overview, Wilma Glodean Rudolf was given birth by her mother, Blanche, prematurely at their home. Since the nearest hospital was mainly only available to educated whites, Wilma was not expected to live. She was tiny and weak. Yet, her mother never gave up even though she was attacked by illness after illness (i.e. from measles to mumps to chicken pox to double pneumonia to scarlet fever). Then at the age of four, polio invaded her. Doctors said that she might not be able to walk anymore but Wilma never believed. As Wilma started to enter school, she also began to practice walking independently without the aid of braces and crutches. Finally, she learned how to walk without it. In high school, she joined the basketball team to prove that she could do what people without disability can. She also exceeded the expectations of others as she became the “star player” of the team. When she was in college, she joined the athletics team and was able to compete to the Olympics. She brought home the bacon and set a world record in her events. Her countrymen were so proud of her achievement. In fact, it was celebration of her triumph In the Olympics was the first time when blacks and whites unite. Then in 1994, Wilma suddenly died because of brain cancer.

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