Williams Being Lefty for a Day

Topics: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness Pages: 5 (1062 words) Published: March 8, 2015

Being Lefty for a Day
Williams, Alisha
Chamberlain College of Nursing
SOCS 350N-21263: Cultural Diversity in Professionals
Spring January 2015
The Scenario
This was an interesting scenario to enact. I decided that I would do this assignment on Wednesday. I chose this particular day of the week because this is a day that I do not have a hectic schedule just in case being a lefty for a day would be difficult for me. I first began with locating the objects needed for this assignment. The items required were a ping pong ball, a sock and some type of tie that would help keep the sock in place. I opened my dresser drawer up and since I have many pairs of socks in there it was easy to just unroll a pair. I chose my favorite socks to unroll. I chose my Hello Kitty knitted socks. This pair is a favorite because they are cute and warm. I chose a warm pair as it is winter time here in Detroit, MI and I took into consideration when I leave the house I would need to still be wearing this sock on my right hand. I do not have any ping pongs in my home as I do not own a ping pong table. As I was thinking about what object I would utilize, I remembered I had recently purchased some toys for my dog and one toy was some tennis balls. Since my dog is a small bread I had purchased the small tennis balls. These balls were perfect for what I needed. Lastly I needed something to ensure that my sock stayed on my hand. I found some pink ribbon to use that I was going to utilize to help keep my sock in place that was housing my hand that was holding my dog’s tennis ball. I am naturally right handed. Typical Day

A typical day starts at 0500 for me. My first tasks are to shower and brush my teeth. Now for these tasks I did not have the sock on, but to continue being lefty for a day, I used my left hand to brush my teeth. It normally takes me about ten minutes to complete this task because I have braces. On Wednesday it took me about 15 minutes as I had to consciously remember not to use my right hand and rinsing toothbrush as well as placing toothpaste on brush was a challenge. Then I went to take my shower. I used my left hand to turn the knobs. I had to use two turns of the knob to get it to the temperature I needed as opposed to I twist of the knob when utilizing my dominant hand. As I got out of the shower I reached for a towel with my left hand and began drying off it was difficult for me to reach certain areas of my body. The areas that were more difficult, I decided to lay the towel down on my bed and move my body against it. After I was all dried off I then applied my lefty gear; the sock, the tennis ball and the ribbon. This task of applying these items was difficult in itself. I began to think about what potential challenges I would face in the later part of the day and what adjustments I would have to make. Then I began to complete my morning routine. When I looked at the clock it was 0630. I realized it had taken me 1.5 hours to complete my morning routine and normally it would have taken me only 1 hour using my right hand. The Workplace

Next I began to leave for work. Next task of opening my care door with my left hand was a bit of ease. The next difficult task was to place my car in drive. In this instance I decided that using my left hand would be ridiculous so I tried to shift gears using my socked hand. It was doable, but difficult as I had to use the sides of my hand when normally I would just use my palm and shift gears. As I got to work, I realized that most of my job is done using a computer. The first thing I did was move the mouse of my computer to the left side of my desk to try to utilize. This proved to be more difficult as now I had to consciously remember which buttons of the mouse were for which type of click. I then walked around my place of employment to find a lefty mouse. I was in luck because there is a coworker at my facility whose dominant hand is left and she...

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