William Wallace

Topics: William Wallace, Stirling, Robert I of Scotland Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: October 27, 2001
William Wallace was born in January of the year 1272. He was the second of three sons. Wallace was born in the town of Elerslie, which was in Scotland. His Father Sir Malcolm Wallace held the title of knight but had no political power. Wallace's Father was involved in a rebellion called Turnberry Band when William was 14 years old and was sent to live with his uncle Argile. His Uncle taught William Latin and French and how to be a swordsman. When William's father returned from the revolt at Turnberry Band William was 17 years old. Fighting between rival families and rival towns were heating up. Civil War was about to break out in Scotland". (Wallace, Sir William" Britannica Online; http://www.eb.com:180/cgi-bin/g?DocF=micro/186/42.html ) Brawling and riots inside towns turned into battles, where in the Battle of Loudon Hill William's father was involved and killed. William Stayed with his mother for two years until he met Murron Braidfoot and married her in the year 1272. There are many tales on how William Wallace became and outlaw after his marriage, one is that one day William was fishing at a near by lake when a group of English soldiers approached him and demanded William give them the fish he had caught. William trying to get food for himself and his wife said they could only take half. The soldiers were raged and attacked. William fought off and killed both of the guards, forever becoming an outlaw. (http://www.mcallister.com/clan/wallace.html ;www.highlanderweb.co.uk/wallace/index.html) In The month of May 1272 A group of English soldiers under the command of The English Sheriff of Lanark, William de Hazelrig ordered the death of William's wife. It seems that William had already started his revolt against England when his wife was murdered in an attempt to arrest Wallace. Wallace's huge act of rebellion attracted the attention of common nobles, all of who were unwilling to follow Edward the Longshank's laws....
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