William The Conqueror Accomplishments

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William the Conqueror was the son of Robert I and Herleva. William was a man that changed many views in England. He was a man with great characteristics such as tough, brave, inspirational, and religious. He was born in 1028 and died in 1087. William was born in Falaise, Normandy. He had many nicknames, some of the most famous ones were William the Bastard and William from Normandy and the most famous one was William the Conqueror. He got this nickname, William the Conqueror, for his successful doings during his life and especially as king of England. He married Matilda of Flanders in 1052 and had ten children. He had six daughters and four sons. He held many major accomplishments. Three of those accomplishments were his reign as King of England,...

The first major accomplishment was his victory of Hastings. This is the battle in which William defeated King Harold. After a difficult journey to meet up with each other, William’s troop surprised King Harold’s army which began the battle. Both armies fought hard and when it seemed as if the English line would not break, William’s troops began to walk away while being followed by Harold’s troops. They took advantage and turned and killed Harold’s army as well as the king himself. This win led to the succeeding of the throne to William. He became king after leading his soldiers, with the support of nobles and the Pope, after defeating King Harold. During his reign as King of England, William helped the church grow immensely. He became very busy with rebellions and different problems in Normandy and England. He spent most of his time in Normandy. He took on invasions which led to the publishing of two volumes of Doomsday Book. (Barlow, 2015) After spending time trying to work out the rebellions that were going around, King William began to build castles. Rebellions had reached their peak and William was forced to take extreme measures. To settle his people down he began his work on the castles. One of his most famous creations was the Tower of London. Building castles was also a medieval warfare strategy. The castles served as royal palaces,...
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