William Stafford and Randall Jarrell

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William Stafford and Randall Jarrell
There are two poetry writers that have wrote very good pomes and have quite a few that are popular. To compare and contrast two, it would have to be “Traveling through the Dark” by William Stafford and "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner" by Randall Jarrell. These two authors have a different way and style they write there poems, that is why it makes sense to look at these two really close and really see how they write and how they get the message across. Both Stafford’s and Jarrell’s poem is in the book read in class so having read these two works it is somewhat familiar what they are about. But further reading is needed to really understand what these poets are trying to say and what they are writing about. So it is best to read these poems or any poem in general, more than one time. Just so it becomes easier to understand the words and the theme.

To compare and contrast these two poems every detail makes a difference because that way the reader understands what is going on in the poem. When a poet begins to write a poem there is always that one message they are trying to get across or a little story they are trying to tell. So as a reader, it is important to read a poem more than once to really understand it. Imagery is a big key that both of these poets use. This is good when writing so that the readers are interested when reading the poem and to really draw mental pictures in the heads of the readers. Metaphor is also a big tool used in poetry, and without that many poems do not make sense. In both of these poems there is metaphor but it is not very clear to see sometimes. A lot of poets just ramble on with words and sometimes is not clear on what they are trying to say. So with these two poems you see how one is easier to read than the other. In William Stafford’s “Traveling through the Dark” it is very clear on what he is writing about and the theme is simple to understand. But in Randall Jarrell’s "The Death of...
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