William Golding Lord Of The Flies Analysis

Topics: William Golding, English-language films, Lord of the Flies Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: October 13, 2015

There is no end to fear, no one can be saved from it, and nothing can make it forgotten. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a group of young, British schoolboys’ plane crashes on a deserted island during a war, leaving these young boys to fend for themselves with no adults. Throughout the book, the boys are driven by their fears of the island, eventually leading them to savagery. The boys become beasts within themselves as they tear and burn the island down to ash. Once the boys have lost all sense of humanity, and they stand amongst a burning civilization, a naval officer arrives on the island to rescue them. Realizing there is no true end to the fears they have all experienced, the boys break down, sobbing as the officer stands, waiting to take them all back to a war stricken world. By looking at the conclusion of Lord of the Flies, one can see how Golding uses it to show the effect of fear on the boys’ personalities; this is important because fear is the driving factor of society’s dismay.
The harsh reality of what children forced into their deepest fears become is exposed by Golding. The boys on the island experience terrifying occurrences not only in their surroundings, but also in themselves. When the officer arrives, Golding portrays how pathetic the boys and the mess they have...

The boys were driven by fear throughout the novel and this fear led them to savagery. While many conflicts were resolved by the end of the novel, some were left to remain unresolved, such as the Ralph versus Jack conflict and the humanity versus savagery conflict. The novel ended bleakly, with readers wishing something better for these savage-turned schoolboys. Forgetting true fear is impossible, and there is no freedom from it. Feat has no end, and it can and will take control of society and...
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