William Bradford Speech

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William Bradford

Dear colleagues,

Today is a guest in our school, Mr. William Bradford, governor of Plymouth for many years, a true fighter for human rights, Puritan leader and one of the founders of the British colonies in North America. Bold and resolute, prudent and skilful when it was needed, William Bradford opened the door Puritans new life, new doors and unknown to the soil of North America. He was born in Yorkshire in the 17th century, where one of the conceptual leaders of puritanism was persecuted, after which the number of pilgrims, their like-minded under pressure and persecution of the Anglican Church moved to North America. Brave pilgrims, sincerely believing in the possibility of maintaining the purity of the church with supporters of then corrupt Anglican Church. Puritans, morally pure people who reject the simple pleasures bravely stepped into a new life, new world full of challenges. William Bradford was their support and longtime leader. By meeting with William Bradford in the right way and we will reveal the essence of puritanism, and a number of values that the Pilgrims founded their new territory.

The first settlement that established the English settled in North America was Jamestown 1607th in Virginia today. Soon they established new settlements, among them Plymouth 1620th in Massachusetts, which was founded by Puritans. English colonization of North America in the 17th Ages limited to the U.S. east coast today with the establishment of 13 colonies, of which all function properly as a self-governing community with the Royal Charter as the foundation of the legal system, people's representative office, the Governor and the colonial judiciary.

William Bradford was 30 times elected governor of Plymouth hitting Puritan community based self-organizing and editing community in accordance with their needs and principles. Knowingly and intelligently, manner of a great diplomat William Bradford made a sincere contacts with the natives,...
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