Will I Thrive in a Diverse Environment

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Will I Thrive in a Socially Diverse Environment?

Dear PricewaterhouseCoopers,

I would first like to state my appreciation for including me in the second round of interviews, thank you for your time and consideration. Being considered for an executive managerial position at PricewaterhouseCoopers is very prestigious and personally significant. I have desired to be a member of the PWC team since learning of the company and its services. As part of the interview process you have asked, “Will I thrive in the socially diverse environment of PWC?” I believe that I do have the capability to thrive in a socially diverse environment, through my prior employment, personal and educational experiences.

As displayed in my resume, I obtained my M.S in Accounting degree from Siena College. Statistically speaking, Siena College is not a very diverse environment (Siena College 2011). Siena College reported that of the student body in 2011, 83.5% of students were Caucasian. Hispanic, making up the largest minority group, made up only 5.3% of the student body of the same year. Siena College is the only Franciscan college that offers a Masters in Accounting program. Despite the statistical information, I believe that Siena adequately prepared me to work and succeed in a diverse in environment. As a Franciscan learning environment, Siena integrates an initiative of Diversity, Optimism, Respect, and Service (DORS) into their educational system. Through my years at Siena I had many classes that prioritized DORS first, having many assignments, workshops, and discussions based on diversity. The DORS initiative taught me to look past the concept of diversity as just a way of toleration, allowing me to recognize the benefit of diversity as an asset in the workplace. Research done by Julie Kampf, president of JBK Associates, proved diversity to be a “perpetual process, with an ambitious goal: the creation of an organizational culture where the best people want to work, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, where people are promoted on their merits and where opportunities for success are available to all. Embedding the principles of diversity management in everything you do can be a stepping stone to achieving your company’s most ambitious business goals.”(2010). I strongly agree with Kampf’s statement. I believe that diversity maximizes the resources available from a workforce, and allows for the best work environment possible. Due to this belief, I welcome and encourage diversity in all of my environments, in order to reach my full personal, business, and employment potential.

I have had multiple experiences that helped to form my outlook on diversity and its benefits. For a year I worked in a hotel that had a very diverse group of employees as well as a range of diverse guests and clients. This was really my first experience witnessing diversity in a workplace. I was able to see what types of diversity management were successful and which were not. When I worked at the hotel the house keeping manager, who was African American, desired to increase the efficiency and diversity of his housekeeping staff. Many of the staff was Hispanic, and the manager felt that when the Hispanic housekeepers worked together they worked very leisurely, often conversing instead of working. He changed the cleaning teams so that the Hispanic housekeepers were split up, being paired with either White or African American partners. Shortly after his changes went into effect he noticed that productivity and housekeeping employee morale both decreased while employee aggression and conflict both increased. Realizing that his changes had a reversed effect, the housekeeping manager took a different approach. He decided to let his employees choose their own teams and offer productivity incentives. Immediately he noticed that his staff was happier and completed more cleaned rooms per shift than they originally did. Initially the pairs went back to...

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