Will You Be the Next Victim for Cyber Stalking?

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Will You be the Next Victim of Cyber Stalking?
In today’s society, people use the internet daily to email, talk to friends, YouTube, Facebook or just browse the internet when their bored. What they’re not aware of is the dangers the internet can contain and how easy it is for pedophiles to get ahold of a person’s information on the internet. Online harassment rose from 40.5% to 60% during 2004-2005, then dropped to about 44% in 2006, after increasing to 55% in 2007 and displayed a major jump to around 71% in 2008. As the years go on, our young society learns more and more about the internet and what it can do every day, also allowing hackers and pedophiles to be learning new ways they can invade the lives of another. Cyber stalking has become a serious problem that claims millions and millions of people’s lives every minute, and the government needs to get more involved to figure out a solution or a way or screening out pedophiles to break the chain.

Different apps and social networking sites are posing new threats to children and teenagers by invading their privacy. It makes it so much easier for pedophiles to communicate with young children and the children have no idea. Byron Acohido says in his article, “Children are using these services more and more, opening themselves up to more information disclosures” (Acohido). On Skype, everyone is able to talk to new people they have never even seen before. It was created for fresh experiences and talking to new individuals, but people seem to never really think about what they are saying to that other person. What if that person is cyber stalking you the very same moment you are Skyping him/her? Byron also states, “As pedophiles become more technologically sophisticated, they’re able to find and connect with kids easier than with previous methods” (Acohido). When on Facebook, people can tag where they are at and who they are with, during a specific time. How much easier can it get for pedophiles to find out...
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