Will to Survive

Topics: Thought, Good and evil, Mind Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Will to Survive

Survivor; somebody who shows a great will to live. Somebody with a great will in life will survive. We all know that it is true, yes; we all have free wills that depend on our actions and decisions. Like flying over a rainbow, we feel so free and majestically swayed by the exquisite taste of an extraordinary view. We chose to get there, we chose the feeling that we’ll get, and we chose everything that we do every second of that splendid experience. It is the point of free will. People usually say that it is the chaotic atmosphere of the surroundings and dreadful factors that made them who they are. It simply states that some people deciphered a wrong point. There are two trails that one can proceed in outcome of our freedom to choose; the good and the bad. Every human being is aware to the concept of good and bad. Some prefer the good trail and some prefer the bad trail. Each track enthusiastically anticipating our unexpected arrival, yet only one of them will precede us to survive. People vary from one person to another. There is no way that a person will be exactly the same as the other. This is the reason why people have different outlooks in life and they follow their beliefs despite of consequences they consciously know that may affect them. Bad people usually pick the bad trail and good people pick the good trail. What’s up with bad people? They think that other factors are influencing them. They’re right about the influencing concept but they always forget the most essential thing, the will power. Overestimation and low self-esteem make people powerless. Their own will powers are feeble because of a lot of discouragements in their minds. These useless things will get them nowhere. What is then with good people? They create encouragements to themselves that are morality accepted. Thinking of right reasons and assured effect to their how-to-survive-life health. They look forward to possibilities and treat unexpected results as normal...
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