Will Smith

Topics: Universe, Earth, Tommy Lee Jones Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: March 25, 2014

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Attention Getter- Protector of humanity, overseer of planet earth, a god amongst men, and winner of over ten Kids Choice Awards, his glory knows no bounds, his character has no flaws. I am talking of course about our savior, singer/ songwriter, Will Smith. Relevance to audience- Not everyone knows this but Will Smith has saved our planet not once, not twice, but three times. Tonight I am thanking Will Smith for the saving our beloved planet, Earth. Body-The first time Will Smith saved the world was in 1996 when he and Jeff Goldbum conquered an entire alien race by stealing an alien space craft and shooting down the main headquarters, otherwise known as the “mother ship.” When it came time for Will smith to save the world he wasn’t a coward, he showed incredible courage and integrity and succeeded in saving the entire planet! If you thought defeating the alien race just one time was enough to satisfy Will Smith’s thirst for world domination, then obviously you didn’t listen to my introduction. Following his heroic achievements in 1996 he was quickly recruited by Tommy Lee Jones to join the prestigious protectors of the universe, the Men in Black. Will Smith showed true grit when he courageously stood up against a form of alien insectoids and saved the entire planet for the second time. If you thought Will Smith could only save the world from aliens, then clearly you underestimated Will Smith’s sheer power and muscular physique. He would once again come to us in our time of need in 2007 when a plague turned almost everyone in the world into zombies. This man through all of his past accomplishments would once again risk his life to save humanity. With the ferocious zombies quickly approaching, Will Smith hands the one antidote to save the entire planet, to a mother and child, while sacrificing himself for the greater good of the world. Conclusion- The next year Will Smith shocked us all when he came back from the dead,...
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