Will Rogers

Topics: Television, Guy Montag, Faber Towers Pages: 6 (2622 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Part 1
the main character, Montag, who has a job as a fireman which is to round up books that are in houses by destroying them in fires. Montag enjoys his job because he believes that books contain all fiction and give people wrong ideas. On his way home from his job he comes across a new neighbor, Clarisse McLennan, a unique 17 year old girl. As they start a conversation she brings in a comment about montages smell of kerosene.she asks another question about if it was true if fireman used to put out fires instead of making them. Montag was unsure but replies “all houses have been fire proof.” After the conversation he enters his house thinking about the girl and her unique personality. It becomes a daily routine between Montag and the girl both learning more about each other’s lives. Montags wife mildred spends all of her time watching tv, taking parts in plays, sleeping and eating.one night Montag comes home to his wife unaware of the amout of sleeping pills she took and takes the whole bottle, when she wakes up she is confused what happened. The more that Clarisse and Montag are sharring about their lives the more Montag is realizing that his marriage is falling apart. He can’t even remember where they met. When Montag arrives again to work he has and inceddent with the mechanical hound. The men would capture rats, chickens or cats for the mechanical hound. Montag goes and complains to the captain about how the hound has been growling at him and the captain says it cannot dislike him its only copper wire and batteries. Montag continues to argue and the captain agrees and says that the hound will be checked soon by technicians. Montag wonders if the hound can think as the captain responds “it doesn’t think anything that we don’t want it to think, all we have it do is hunt.” The men are called out to an ancient city to an old womans house

Part 2
Montag and Mildred spend the afternoon reading the books, but cannot make sense of any of it. Mildred doesn’t see the point of it. She would rather be watching TV, but she is also nervous about what Captain Beatty would do if he found the books. Montag is worried about Clarisse’s disappearance, and the bombers he hears flying above. He says that their country has started and won two atomic wars since 1990,but no one talks about the rest of the world and supposedly they hate their country and they are starving. He doesn’t understand it, but he hopes the books might help. Montag remembers a retired English professor he met in the park a year ago named Faber, he was scared of Montag at first, but after Montag gained his trust that Faber was safe and the two of talked for a while, Faber felt secure enough to tell him some poetry. The man made a big impression on Montag, he was less interested in things than in the meaning of things. At the end of their talk, Faber gave Montag his phone number and Montag decides to call Faber for help. On the phone, Montag asks how many copies exist of the Bible, Shakespeare, and Plato. Faber was frightened and thinking this is some sort of trick, says there are none and hangs up. Montag shows Mildred the book he took from the old woman’s house; it was the Bible, maybe the last Bible in existence. Mildred tells him to give it to Captain Beatty, but if it really is the last Bible Montag doesn’t want to do that. He would rather hand in a substitute book. Montag then realizes that if the captain knows that he took the Bible, by handing in the substitute Montag will make it clear that he has more than one book. He decides that he’ll have to get a replica of the Bible made. Mildred yells at Montag that he’s ruining them. She calms down and tells him that her friends are coming over to watch a show called the White Clown. Montag, hoping to get through to her, asks her, does the White Clown love her? Does her TV love her? She says it’s a silly question. He leaves, dejected, and heads for the subway to go to Faber’s house. On the subway, Montag feels...
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