will robots take your job

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Wage Pages: 1 (619 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Ashley Lineberger
Hum 110-401
Will Robots Take your Job?
In a world of technological advancements we ask a simple question. Will robots take our jobs? In my personal opinion I believe they will and sort of already have in a small way. Judging by the readings in the book we can certainly see many ways robots have already started to take over jobs by replacing people with self-check kiosk, ATM’s and pay at the pump self-service stations. As stated in the book the employer can cut back cost by purchasing “humanoids” to do jobs more proficiently than humans. So with that being said you can see how it’s possible that with advances in technology robots will take our jobs. Check your daily routines and see how fast and easy it is for you to effectively use some sort of robotic to simplify your life in the public setting. Let’s go to the store and all we need is gas. Simply slide your debit card at the island pumps and then you pump and go. Ok we need some quick cash so to avoid waiting on a bank teller we stop by an ATM grab the cash and go. Now its break time at work and you have to be back in a hurry, you have a few options here. Again you can insert money into a vending machine or go to a restaurant and use the express kiosk. Just when you thought you were done you got to stop by the grocery store and pick up something to cook for supper. These lines are looking pretty long and backed up because the store is very busy, so you opt to use the U-Scan. Looking back at this daily routine we can see how robots have already taken the place of certain human jobs. Don’t get me wrong you can always go into these business’s and have that interaction with the associate if you would like but, when most people are in a hurry they can use the slide your card and go method as I call it just as effectively. Let’s take an adventure to the employers’ point of view when it comes to robots or “humanoids” taking jobs. One of the biggest reasons they will consider this option...
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