Wilhelm Wundt: The Father of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Wilhelm Wundt, Clinical psychology Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: October 30, 2005
William Wundt is known as the Father of Modern Psychology. He Created The First ever school for psychology and also did many experiments in his time as a psychologist. William Wundt was born in Baden Germany in August of 1832. At The age of nine years old Wundt was sent off to a boarding school, And at the age of 19 he went to a university. At The University William studied medicine, although he was more interested in the science portion than the actual medicinal use of the courses (ship.edu 1). Wundt roomed with and was tutored by his father's assistant, The Vicar of the church. In the year 1857 he was appointed as a professor at Heidelberg where he had been attending school. "Three years later, he started a course he called physiological psychology, which focused on the border between physiology and psychology, i.e. the senses and reactions -- an interest inspired by the work of Weber and Fechner. His lecture notes would eventually become his major work, the Principles of Physiological Psychology (Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychologie), which would be published in 1873 and 1874. (Ship.edu 1) " Wundt Believed in the Wundt accepted the Spinozan idea of psychophysical parallelism: Every physical event has a mental counterpart, and every mental event has a physical counterpart Which became a part of his studies and lectures as a psychologist. In 1857 Wundt Created the first school for experimental psychology.(rpssg3 1). Wundts lectures from his psychology classes later became published as Lectures on the Mind of Humans and Animals (1863) (Absoluteastronomy 1). Several of Wundts students from his school of experimental psychology became eminent psychologists in their own right such as: James McKeen Cattell, the first professor of psychology in the United States, Lightner Witmer (founder of the first U.S. psychological clinic), and Charles Hubbard Judd (Director of the School of Education at the University of Chicago).

Around the same time Wundt created...
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