Wilhelm Wundt

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Wilhelm Wundt was the first man to be called a psychologist without reference to a stronger interest. He established the first laboratory in the world that was dedicated to experimental psychology. He was considered to be the "Father of Experimental Psychology." He founded the modern science of psychology, and Wilhem Wundt knew just what he was doing.

Wilhelm Wundt was a German Psychologist. He was born in the village of Neckarau near Heidelberg in Baden on August 16th, 1832. He was an only child and the son of a Lutheran Pastor. As a child Wundt was never close to his parents. He hardly played yet spent most of his time with his tutor studying. He grew so attached to his tutor that when his tutor was transferred he was unconsolable until he too was able to board with him.

In 1851 Wilhelm Wundt studied at the University of Heidelberg in 1856. Throughout his career he was a professor of inductive philosophy at Zurich University in 1874. From 1875-1917 he was a professor of inductive philosophy at Leipzig University. Some of his students included J.M. Cattell, Titchener, and Spearman.

In 1879 wilhelm Wundt established the world's first experimental laboratory in psychology, "The Institute Experimentelle Psycholgie." The laboratory became a main focus for those with serious interest in psychology. It was first used by German philosophers and psychology students. Later on the laboratory was used for American and British studies as well.

Wundt recognized that conscience contents are fleeting and in continual motion. When he realized this he laid down "explicit rules" for the proper use of the "introspective method." (1) The observer, if at all possible, must be in a position to determine when the process is being introduced. (2) He must be in a state of "strained attention."

(3) The observation must be capable of being repeated several times. (4) The conditions of the experiment must be such as to be capable of variation through...
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