Wilfred Owen Poetry Comparison Chart

Topics: Poetry, Dulce et Decorum Est, Sonnet Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Wilfred Owen poetry comparison chart

AO1: Thoughts and feelings | | | | |
AO1: Thoughts and Feelings| AO2: Language, Form and Structure| AO3: Connections with other texts| AO4: Contextual Knowledge| Themes| Anthem For Doomed Youth. Owen looks at what ceremonies will commemorate those who die in battle. Title is ironic. Anthem is praise and this poem in no way praises the war. | The sonnet asks questions about what will be done to commemorate those who die in battle. Octet says they will have only sounds to accompany their funerals, and the sestet says instead of candles children will commemorate them and they will be held in the mind of people who love them. Commemorate those who die like “cattle” in the slaughterhouse, which is ironic. Those rituals are now characterized as “mockeries”. Onomatopoeia and alliteration of lines 3 and 4 in imitation of rifle fire. The “shrill of demented choirs of wailing shells” “sad shrines” brings the mourning home. Lines 2-3 are iambic pentameter 10 syllables a line, emphasis on every other syllable. Title is ironic as it has “youth” and “doomed” next to each other, which represents naivety, freedom and a long life and doomed contrasts this. “Monstrous anger of guns “personification makes it seem like the guns are controlling the men. | Once the reader has an interpretation of the horrors of war, he/she can then draw their own emotions about the poem. Dulce et Decorum est, and Anthem for doomed youth both look at the true horrors of war. Both portray Owen’s bitterness towards the war, and this is shown in both the first few lines of the poems. They both start off describing soldier’s conditions in the war. Using similes and personification.| Owen showed Sassoon the first draft of the poem when he was staying a Craig Lockhart War Hospital 1917. Sassoon made a number of significant changes, and the original was apparently very different and it was said that the poem was not a sonnet before Sassoon’s input. |...
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