Wildstone Suggested Strategy

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aaSocial networking sites
Quizzes and games: Can be included on the website. Other places – Facebook. Can have a set of regular models. And then find the model you are most compatible with. Applications: Suggestion: ‘Determine your brand’ by answering a set of questions on usage and perception of the brand and models. Competitions:

Event updates: Fan page on Facebook and regular updates about events using Twitter

Affiliate marketing: Websites like Facebook can be used for affiliate marketing. WildStone website: Need to design an interactive website with info about the brands, availability, news updates and information about latest activities and promotions. Can consist of games and quizzes and online competitions. Search engine optimization Sponsoring online events:

Viral videos: Allow customizable videos using flash where your name/uploaded picture can be used for the ad. These videos can then be shared on youtube. Event photos and videos:
Downloadable audio: The background scores of ads should be allowed to be downloaded. Eg: Vodafone

Blog – free samples to popular entries: Members can post about their ‘wild’ and ‘naughty’ experiences with the deo. The best entries can be rewarded with free samples or free entry to VIP club. Conducting online events – free samples: Can run an online competition on the above blog wherein the best concept/experience can be translated to an actual ad for WildStone. Winners also get free entry to the VIP club.

WildStone VIP club: Members will get free samples of new brands and first-hand updates about any events being sponsored by WildStone. A few members will also get lucky passes to offline events sponsored by WildStone.
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