Wildlife Conservation

Topics: Ecology, Biodiversity, Life Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: February 21, 2009
Money spent on wild life conservation may be well spent or again, it may not. Individual projects which are funded should be based on sound environmental science but can often be politically or idealistically motivated. Even if the conservation project or program is based on good science, there may still be problems with design, technical completion, and access to funds for long-term monitoring and operation. Coupled with this, things in the natural world are always in a state of flux and the original problem may change, becoming less or more burdensome than the program was designed for. Researching the actual need beforehand and monitoring the effects of the effort afterwards are paramount.

There are a multitude of anthropocentric benefits of biodiversity in the areas of agriculture, science and medicine, industrial materials, ecological services, in leisure, and in cultural, aesthetic and intellectual value. Biodiversity is also central to an ecocentric philosophy. It is important for contemporary audiences to understand the reasons for believing in conservation of biodiversity. Support for conservation includes our benefit from biological diversity and the things that we lose as a result of species extinction, which has taken place over the last 600 years. There are many benefits that are obtained from natural ecosystem processes. Some ecosystem services that benefit society are air quality, climate (both global CO2 sequestration and local), water purification, disease control, biological pest control, pollination and prevention of erosion. Non-material benefits that are obtained from ecosystems include spiritual and aesthetic values, knowledge systems and the value of education. Biodiversity addresses the importance of life and provides modern audiences with a more clear understanding of the current threat to life on Earth.

Biodiversity is simply the abundance and interaction of living things and the advantage of biodiversity is that the more species or...
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