Wild Life Conservation

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Wildlife conservation encompasses all human activities and efforts directed to preserve wild animals from extinction. It involves both protection and scientific management of wild species and their environment. Some species have become extinct due to natural causes, but the greatest danger to wildlife results from the activities of man. So we ourselves have created the need for conservation of wildlife. It can be viewed from several angles such as, beauty,, economic value, scientific values for research and values for snivel. The main causes of extinction of wild lives are poaching, enumerable animals and birds are hunted for meat, skin, ivory, horns etc. ruthlessly. Hence, National Wildlife Action Plan has been adopted in 1983 for wildlife conservation. Many sanctuaries and National Parks have been established for the protection of dwindling wildlife. Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks:

Wildlife Sanctuaries are places where the killing and capturing of any animal is prohibited except under order of the authorities concerned. National parks are set up for preserving flora, fauna, landscapes and historic objects of an area. At present, protected area network comprises 398 sanctuaries and 69 national parks covering four per cent of the total geographic area of the country. It is proposed to be increased to 4.6 per cent (1% National Parks and 3.6% sanctuaries) by setting up more sanctuaries and parks. A list of some well known wildlife sancturies and national parks of is given in the table. List of some well known Wildlife Sancturies and National Parks in India SI. No.| Name of Sanctuary National Park| Place/ State| Area (Sq.Kms| Wildlife .) Conserved| 1.| Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary| SibasaaAssam| 430| Rhinocerus, elephant, wild buffalo, bison, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, sambhar, pelican, stork, eagle.| 2.| Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve| Kamrup Assam| 540| Tiger, panther, wild dog, bear, rhinoceros,gaur, golden angur etc.| 3.| Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary| Jalpaiguri West Bengal| 65| Rhinoceros, gaur, elephant, tiger, leopard, deer, birds adrepriles.| 4.| Kolameru Bird Sanctuary| Tadepallegudum Andhra Pradesh| —| A breeding place for pelican and other visiting marine birds.| 5.| Chilika Lake| Chilika, Orissa| 100| Waterfowl, duck, cranes, ospreys, golden plover, sandiper, stone curlews, flamingoes, etc.| 6.| Vendant Hangal Bird Sanctuary| Madras Tamilnadu| 0.30| Flamingoes, pelicans black buck, chitals, vvildboars.| 7.| Point Calimer Wildlife Sanctuary| Thanjavur Tamirnadu| 0.30| Panther, tiger, sambhar, chitals.| 8.| Mundanthurai Sanctuary| Tirunelveli Tamilnadu| 520| Elephants, gaurs, sambhar,leopards,ack Nilgirilangur, grey hornbill,egret| 9.| Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary| Periyar,Kerala| 777| -Elephant, gaurs, sambhar, leopards, black nilgirillangur, grey hornbill, egret.| 10.| Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary| Bharatpur Rajasthan| 29| Cormorants, Spoonbils, whiteibis, Indian darters, egrets, open billed stork, geese, duck, Siberian cranes, deer, black duck, pythopri. blue bull wild boar| 11.| Palamau NationalPark| DattongunjWest Bengal| 345| Tiger, panther, slothbear, elephant, chital, gaur, nilgar, chinkara, leopard, deer, birds adrepriles.chowsingha.| 12.| HazaribaghNational Park| Hazaribagh,Bihar| 184| Wild board, sambhar, Nilgai, tiger, leopard. Hyena, gaur etc.| 13.| Similipal National park| Similipal, Orissa| 2750| tiger, tiger, elephant, deer, chital, peafowl, talking myma,sambhar, panther, gaur, hyena and both bear.| 14| Guindy NationalPark| MadrasTamil nadu| —| Albinos or blackduck, chitals.| 15| Kanha NationalPark| Banjar ValleyMadhya Pradesh| 940| Tiger, chital, panther,sambhar, black duck etc.| 16| Tanoba NationalPark| Chandrapur| 166| Tiger, sambhar, sloth bear, barking deer, blue bull, chinkara,bison, pea fows etc.| 17.| Corbett NationalPark| Nainital, U.P.| 525| Tiger, panther, sloth bear,...
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