Wide Area networking

Topics: T-carrier, Time-division multiplexing, Packet switching Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: May 12, 2014
NT1210/Introduction to Networking
Instructor: Ms. Ybarro
Chapter 7 pages 361 thru 365
By Cecilia M. Lopez

Chapter 7 Review Activities/Even Questions
2. Which of the following are services that telcos have offered as WAN services over the years? (Choose two answers.) a. Switched analog circuits
b. Dedicated digital circuits
c. Partition switching
d. Telekinetic-division multiplexing

4. An enterprise network has many routers that connect to both a LAN as well as the WAN. Which one of the following statements best describes how routers typically use and think about their WAN connections? a. As a destination where end-user hosts reside

b. As a transport service to deliver IP packets to the next IP router c. As nothing, because routers ignore Layers 1 and 2
d. As an interesting and complex technology-filled network of its own, with such features as circuit switching, packet switching, SONET, ATM, and others.

6. A U.S.-based company wants to order a leased line between two sites, with the leased line using the traditional T-carrier DS0, DS1, and DS3 types of lines. Which of the following answers describe the available speeds and distances for the leased line? (Choose two answers.) a. No longer than 62 miles (100 kilometers) for up to T1 speed b. No faster than 43.736 Mbps (T3)

c. 64 Kbps, 1.544 Mbps, and any speed in between
d. No literal distance limitation

8. A telco customer has a T1 leased line between two sites, called sites A and B. The telco has several switches between sites A and B that use T3 trunks. These switches use the T3 trunks along with time-division multiplexing (TDM) to create the leased line from site A to B. Which of the following answers is true about how TDM works in this design? a. The switches map the T1 customer lines to a T1 channel inside the T3 trunks. b. The switches interpret the customer bits as packets and forward the packets to the correct destination over the T3...
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