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Wicca or Pagan the truth behind the religion

Wicca is not a bad or devil worshipping religion. So why does the World view Wicca as a bad thing? A lot of people in this world are closed minded when it comes to religion. They hear the Word Wiccan or Pagan and instantly think of devil worshipping or some strange ritual ceremony.

Some people are very misinformed or as I like to call it brainwashed in some cases. They think Wicca some weird cult. No, it's not, no more so than any other religion. Sure, there are some "weird" Wiccans, but there are also people in other religions that are "weird."How come you use that satanic symbol with the star on it? You mean the pentacle? That's a symbol, for many Wiccans and Pagans, of the four classical elements: earth, air, fire and water, as well as a fifth element of Spirit or Self.

What Wicca is not is one of the biggest issues in my life presently because of my recent religion change. Wicca does not embrace the concepts of sin, heaven or hell, the evils of sex or nudity, confession, Satanism, animal sacrifice, or the inferiority of women. Wicca is not a fashion statement, and you do not have to dress a certain way to be a "real Wiccan." The Basic Beliefs of Wicca are that the Divine is present in nature, and so nature should be honored and respected. Everything from animals and plants to trees and rocks are elements of the sacred. You'll find that many practicing Wiccans are passionate about the environment. The idea of karma and an afterlife is a valid one. What we do in this lifetime will be revisited upon us in the next. Part of this idea is of a cosmic payback system. Our ancestors should be spoken of with honor. Because it's not considered out of the ordinary to commune with the spirit world, many Wiccans feel that their ancestors are watching over them at all times.

Holidays are based on the turning of the earth and the cycle of the seasons. In Wicca, eight major Sabbaths are celebrated the Pagan and...
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