Why I Want to Get My Ged

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Why I want to get my G.E.D.
By: Robert Miller

In this essay I will explain why I want to take my life forward to get my G.E.D. One of the reasons is to further my education for a better life experience. Another reason is to pursue my dreams and become a successful photographer. My final reason is to be financial stable. I've learned that in life, you are stuck if you do not have an education. So therefore, getting my G.E.D. would help me have a better life.

First, furthering my education has been very important to my family and I. My goal is to become a successful person in life and I believe getting G.E.D. can help me do just that. I’ve had a lot of obstacles in my life that stopped me from finishing high school. This will be the second chance I have been waiting for.

Second, it’s always been a dream of mine to be a professional photographer. I’ve always had interest in taking pictures and using cameras. Since I was ten years old I immediately loved it. I believe getting my G.E.D. will help me really take hold of pursuing my passion for photography. It will help me take classes on which I can learn more about the art. It is the only thing stopping me from moving forward.

Third, getting my G.E.D. with help open better job opportunities. I want to have a job where my children are not ashamed to tell their friends what their father does for a living. Once I receive my G.E.D. I know its one step closer to having a better life for my family. I will not have to worry about putting food on the table or supplying my family with something they need. Also, the feeling after I know will be worth the hard work.

In conclusion, getting my G.E.D. is one big step in my life. To finally move forward and take control. To be a role model for my children. Also, it will help pursue my dreams for myself. I have realized I am only stopping myself if I do not complete this.
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