Why I Want to Excute a Training Bond

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Knowledge is power and knowledge, once imparted, cannot be retrieved. Organizations make very important investments in its people’s knowledge by way of trainings, and as expected from any investment, returns in form of improved work quality, increased productivity, lower turnaround times, and higher profits and/ or a larger market share are expected. Signing a training bond is predominantly conceived to be a form of legalized and consented employee slavery; however, this is clearly not the case with Fidelity Bank. For the most part, this slavery usually suggests that the employee is in a disadvantaged position; but in this case, it seems more of an unfair deal to Fidelity Bank as the value and knowledge imparted upon the employee as a result of the training and subsequent experience will clearly outmatch Fidelity Bank’s overall return on training investment. My foremost reason to execute a training bond with Fidelity Bank is because it affords me the outstanding opportunity to be part of a winning team. Only a bank with a winning and formidable strategy could have had the ability to acquire a distressed bank. Fidelity Bank was able to pull-off this feat and this makes the bank a leading stakeholder in the Nigerian financial and economic sector. I, by all means, would give what it takes to become a part of this winning team; not only as a benefactor of the rich experience and exposure the bank offers, but as a key agent in the achievement of the bank’s overall objectives. Secondly, the core values of Excellence, Ethics, Teamwork, Trust, Passion for customers and Continuous learning which drive the bank, is one of the secrets for its amazing excellence and its quest for global dominance. With my passion and enthusiasm for seeing a better economic state in our Nigeria, executing this bond, and consequently, being a part of this winning team will be in line with achieving my personal goals as well as that of...
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