Why I Want to Be a Part of a Fraternity?

Topics: Brotherhood, Fraternities and sororities, Wanted Pages: 1 (449 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Why do I want to become a Lambda?
Why do I want to become a Lambda? I’ve asked this question to myself at least ten times. And every time I come up with a new answer. But there is something common among all those answers. It is the Brotherhood. For example, I attended the IG retreat in Tallahassee. I am aware that I am only a member of the interest group, but the brothers that attended the retreat made me feel different. I felt as if I am in the middle of a family. A family that cares and will always look out for me. They made sure that we had everything we wanted and we got home safe after the get together. Another big reason that always comes to mind is the Academics. I feel as if Lambda Theta Phi, stress on academics more than any other fraternity that I know of. I can also see that when I look at their graduating percentage, which is 93%. This inspires me more to commit myself to become a Lambda. Also their GPA requirement is another factor that helps me. Lambda Theta Phi‘s required GPA is a 2.75. This is higher than any other organizations or fraternities I know of. If I was looking to join any fraternity, I could’ve gone for the one that has the lowest requirements. But I choose Lambda Theta Phi because by making their standards higher, I feel as if they expect me to be better. I feel as if they expect me to be better and become a leader. When Luis told me about the informational by Lambda Theta Phi, which was conducted here at Embry Riddle in the fall of 2009, first thing that came to my mind was they are probably like every other fraternity out there. At that time I was looking into another fraternity on campus, Sigma Beta Rho. But when I attended the informational session, I saw something different about the Lambda. From that informational, the first thing that I felt was that, Lambda Theta Phi can help me become a better man.

I have learned a lot by being a part of the interest group here at Embry Riddle. One of them is the Culture. Just by being a...
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