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Why I Want to Be a Teacher

By mirymiry Apr 26, 2010 529 Words
Why I Like To Be a Teacher

Teaching is a unique profession. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, patience and above all, love for the act of helping others learn. Being a teacher is one of the noblest and most gratifying professions , no matter how difficult the road is. Undoubtedly, it is hard to deal with students, their behaviors, personal problems, difficult ages and even with their parents that sometimes do not support the teachers, and last but not least, the educational system itself. No matter how complicated your life can turn when you are a teacher, from a personal standpoint, I can say teaching pays off.

I love to teach and I used to be a math teacher for many years. This subject is hardly ever the students’ favorite. Math is really tough, needs some logical reasoning, students’ focus in class and some study hours after class. Do all the students love all this? I bet. On the other hand, when a teacher teaches a not very likeable subject like math, you are not very likeable either. I personally think teaching Math is always a challenge but I have faced it with enormous pleasure.

Being a teacher is gratifying. It feeds your spirit and fills your soul. It’s great to have the recognition of your students and a warm hug when you run into them after many years. You will not probably remember their names and pretend you do, but they will for sure remember yours. When you hear they are engineers, doctors, nurses, mechanics; whatever profession or occupation they mention, you feel very proud to know that you have contributed to build their futures. Your eyes shine with emotion. It is absolutely uplifting to be a teacher.

Many teachers have had professional crises in which they get exhausted, bored, anxious or think teaching is a waste of time and thoughts of abandoning their classrooms invade them at times. I have not met a single teacher who has not been through these emotional feelings. Some reconsider and overcome this, others leave for good and regret it eventually. Even those who leave the teaching profession treasure very pleasant memories of their times at school with their students and talk about it with love and enthusiasm. Fact is that teaching is tough, it is a rose full of thorns, but it is, without a doubt, a wonderful profession.

Teaching is a profession that makes you always feel young at heart, no matter how old you are. The students’ energy, enthusiasm, their young spirit is as contagious as the worst of the viruses. When you are a teacher you become a friend, a counselor, a parent, an extraordinary human being. I know it is painstaking to be a teacher, it gives you no spare time to watch TV when you have to mark students’ essays. You go home with a pile of books to read for next class. Teaching is sometimes regarded as a way of living and not a profession. It is overlooked and underestimated. Despite all this, I consider being a teacher is a very honorable profession. I can say teaching is worthwhile.

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