Why I Want to Be a Doctor

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Hospital Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: September 27, 2008
I have always been interested and fascinated in the field of study of the human science. Throughout my years of secondary and A level education, I have been a science student and this is reflected in my choice of subjects in A levels. I especially enjoyed doing biology and the human biology aspect of it has furthered my interest. Chemistry in addition has tremendously improved my analytical skills. As the sciences is an area of interest to me and also due to my science background, I believe I would be able to approach the subject diligently and eventually the profession with commitment and do complete justice to it. Many days I sit and ponder about the financial predicament that millions in the world are facing. How frustrating it must be when you cannot help yourself or worse, your loved ones who depend on you, even more discouraging when no one offers a helping hand. During a vacation in India, I met a six year old girl; Nisha Murali with whom I shared an instant bond. Nisha and I became inseparable; never had I seen a kid with so much enthusiasm. It was a shock when I learnt that Nisha had been diagnosed with VSD. I couldn't imagine losing her. In addition to that Mr. & Mrs. Murali were barely making ends meet but they had heard about a charity hospital who were willing to operate on Nisha free of cost. There, they were assured that the procedure was simple and that Nisha would recieve the utmost care. After the surgery, we went to visit Nisha at the hospital and we were greeted by a wide smile from her I was extremely relieved that she wasn't in any pain. She seemed perfectly alright after the surgery and her enthusiasm had been restored. This experience had an enormous effect on me. This was the first time I had ever felt the miraculous impression of medicine on such a personal level. The doctors were able to make a difference; a difference so enormous, a difference of life and death. Another thing that stuck with me was that these doctors at the...
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