Why I Want to Be a Music Teacher

Topics: Boy Scouts of America, Music education, Pedagogy Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 25, 2007
It was a cold average day in mid January as I walked to my piano lesson. As we started the lesson, my piano teacher leaned over and began to tell me about a piano competition and the winners perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I said sure, not believing I would make the cut in a hundred years. Three months later the time for the competition had come, I was told that there were about five hundred people competing for thirty-eight slots. When my turn came to play in front of the judges, I did not have a trace of anxiety. I played through my piece and as far as I could tell I was flawless. The next day being a Sunday I slept in before going to church. Suddenly I hear a shut from my mother saying it was my piano teacher. I was shock, could she be calling about the competition? And sure enough I had made it. I played with some of the top musicians in my area and it was an honor. That concert in Carnegie Hall changed my life, I went home and spend days thinking about what I had done and what I was capable of now. I would not have gotten through that time of my life if I did not have the experience of my two music teachers. They helped me come to the conclusion that I wanted to major in music. I began to take music more seriously after that point. I started a choir at my church, which is still singing today. Another milestone that I had reached in my life was my Eagle Scout Award. I have been a very active scout and will continue to be one. The Boy Scouts of America have given me tools and skills that I will use throughout my life. This past summer I was second in charge of a youth leadership-training course. Which is a weeklong event in which the participants learn extensive leadership skills and advanced scout skills. That course gave me a large amount of first hand teaching and leadership experience. As well as my Eagle Scout project which came out to over forty hours of work time and planning time. I asked my voice teacher one day why he pick music education...
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