why i want to be an officer in the army

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Dear Captain ,

The United States Army is one of the main factors that allows America to be a free and democratic country. The Army defends, protects, and honors the United States of America. Ever since I was a young boy, I saw greatness in the United States Army and hoped to one day be a part of it. I always envisioned myself in a leadership position and when I decided to join the Army, I knew being an officer was for me. To me, being an officer in the U.S. Army is a career unlike any other. There are many opportunities as an officer in the Army to advance, further education, and grow as a person. The army allows you to switch your MOS and attend more training to further education or to change careers completely which is something that really appeals to me. An officer is the army is looked up to and highly regarded, but it doesn’t come easy. To become an Army officer, it takes time, training, education, and a lot of work. This past year and a half that I have been in the United States Army as an enlisted solider, I have seen huge changes in myself. I am more confident, helpful, athletic, and respectful than I was before I joined the Army. I am quicker with making decisions, I’m stronger, and more goal-oriented, and I owe those changes to my time spent at Basic training and drill each month. The Army has made me a more assertive person and has helped me to focus on my goals. I want to be an officer in the United States Army because I want to lead. Officers need strong virtues and morals including integrity, hard work, pride, respect, honor, and dignity. These traits will allow me to effectively lead, direct, and better my soliders. I enjoy working in team settings and throughout my educational and athletic experiences; I have always been a leader in these settings. My innovative ideas, ability to multi-task, and desire to see everyone succeed are things that set me apart from an enlisted solider, and will make me an ideal officer. An officer, in my opinion,...
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